The Elitloppet, A World Class Race For Trotting Horses
Stockholm, Sweden - Home of the prestigious horse race for World Class Trotters.
Held annually at Solvalla Racetrack.

Come to Sweden to experience one of the truly great racing events in the world of trotting.

The race is known as the Elitlopp or Elitloppet (as known in Sweden) and it's truly the "Super Bowl of Sweden".

Scandanavians live for Standardbred/Harness Racing. Billboards advertising the Elitlopp are everywhere in Stockholm. You can discuss the race with immigration officials when you arrive at the airport, and with cab drivers as you ride to your hotel. Everyone knows about the race, and everyone has a rooting interest in the big race.

"You can't imagine how thrilled I am just to be going over to be part of the Elitlopp," said Ouellette. "If you like harness racing even in the slightest degree, you've got to love the Elitlopp. The crowd and excitement is just great, and the big field sets up for one heck of a race." A quote from Luc Ouellette, a famous harness race driver.

The excitement of racing on Elitlopp weekend is on par with some of the great thoroughbred races in the world. The city swells with racing fans from all over Europe, and Solvalla racetrack overflows with race fans. Even moving about in the crowd of over 30,000 can be a challenge.

European countries compete fiercely to win the Elitlopp, with a large variety of countries being represented. A trot race under saddle called a "monte" - is a highlight on Elitlopp day. Despite carrying riders on their backs, the saddled horses are able to trot remarkably fast. In fact, almost as fast as their sulky-driven counterparts. You can appreciate the grace and precision of the trotting gait during these "monte" trots.
There is also a Breeders Crown in Sweden. Breeders’ Crown is an international concept taken from the U.S.A. to Sweden in 1991. Behind this unique series stands The Swedish Trotting Association (Svensk Travsport), The Swedish Horse Race Totalisator Board (ATG), breeders, stallion owners/agents, owners and sponsors.
Elitloppet Winning Horse Year Won Country Represented
Commander Crowe 2012 Sweden
Brioni 2011 Germany
Iceland 2010 Sweden
Torvald Palema 2009 Sweden
Exploit Caf 2008 Italy
L'Amiral Mauzin 2007 France
Conny Nobell 2006 Sweden
Steinlager 2005 Norway
Gidde Palema 2004 Sweden
From Above 2003 Sweden
Varenne 2002 Italy
Varenne 2001 Italy
Victory Tilly 2000 Sweden
Remington Crown 1999 France
Moni Maker 1998 USA
Gum Ball 1997 Sweden
Coktail Jet 1996 France
Copiad 1995 Sweden
Copiad 1994 Sweden
Sea Cove 1993 Germany
Billyjojimbob 1992 Canada
Peace Corps 1991 Sweden
Mack Lobell 1990 Sweden
Napoletano 1989 Sweden
Mack Lobell 1988 USA
Utah Bulwark 1987 Sweden
Rex Rodney 1986 Norway
Meadow Road 1985 Sweden
The Onion 1984 Sweden
Ianthin 1983 France
Ideal du Gazeau 1982 France